Equity transactions

Cornet Vincent Ségurel provides assistance in connection with any transactions involving the equity side of the balance sheet :

•    mergers, split-ups, partial mergers and contributions in kind,
•    dissolution resulting from all shares being owned by the same shareholder (TUP),
•    capital increases or reductions, or issues of equity securities (shares with share warrants attached; warrants; debt securities repayable in shares; convertible debt securities, etc.).

Prior to such transactions, we review with the client their relevance and measure their impact so as to define the solution best adapted to the client’s objectives in light of the circumstances.

When necessary, we conduct legal, contractual, employment law, and tax audits.

We will develop a timetable for the transaction and prepare the company law documents for it too, including preparation of necessary company resolutions, with respect to which we carry out the publication formalities for you.