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François-Xavier MICHEL

Partner - Rennes

Oath taken on : 1984
Starting date in the firm : 2010

Oath taken on : 1984
Starting date in the firm : 2010

In short

François-Xavier MICHEL joined Cornet Vincent Ségurel on 1st January 2010 as a commercial law partner upon the opening of the Rennes Office, after thirty years' experience on the Bar.

François-Xavier MICHEL holds two specialist certificates, in labour/employment law and agrarian law; he works in each of the areas, providing advisory and litigation services. In the area of labour/employment law, he advises companies in various areas involving human resources: relations with employees and employee representation bodies and employment agreements (collective labour bargaining agreements, employment agreements), management of employee representation bodies and relations with unions, employee profit sharing and investment plans, and training.

He has developed a renown expertise in restructuring of companies, in particular acquisitions and sales, outsourcing, job protection plans (“plans de sauvegarde de l’Emploi”).

He also handles individual relations (preparation, life, and termination of an employment agreement), providing both advisory and litigation services. He teaches continuing legal education courses for lawyers in employment law at the Ecole des avocats du grand ouest [school for lawyers in western France].

He also works in the area of employment law in agriculture. In agrarian law, François-Xavier MICHEL practices in all areas of agricultural activity, accompanying agricultural companies, when they are organised (or acquisition), its growth and development, managing required administrative and governmental permits and authorisations, transmission.

He also handles problems relating to agrarian leases. In the economy, agriculture is continually changing. The law applicable to it changes along with it and has become broader and broader. The development of contractualisation in agriculture is an example. François-Xavier MICHEL advises the various actors in this area and groups in particular (cooperatives, groupings of producers, etc.) with these changes, offering both advisory and litigation services.

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François-Xavier MICHEL

Partner - Rennes


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