Individual relations

We develop solutions with the client that are adapted to his/her/its environment:
  • Meeting with clients to understand their needs,
  • Choice of the employment agreement best adapted and most appropriate to the situation of the company and the employee,
  • Preparation of the employment agreement and amendments to it,
  • Preparation of documents delegating authority and responsibility (ex: health and safety,  employee representation bodies, etc.,
  • Monitoring/follow-up performance of an employment agreement (mobility clause, non-competition clause, career and professional changes, lump-sum payments, etc.),
  • Adoption and implementation of disciplinary procedures,
  • Support adoption and implementation of procedures for termination on economic or personal grounds, procedure for approved termination under collective labor agreement,
  • Preparation of documents upon contract termination,
  • Negotiation and implementation of settlement agreements,
  • Management of matters involving leaves of absence (for example for health reasons public/government contracts - declaration, challenge, recourse to CRA, etc.).