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Cornet Vincent Ségurel supports its clients in all legal matters related to innovation, creation, digital transformation, development or exploitation of new technologies and disruptive innovations.

We advise and assist our clients in all legal matters related to literary and artistic property, copyright, industrial property (patents, trademarks, designs and patterns, etc.), Internet, digital environments or eco-systems, new or advanced information and communication technologies and the impact of CSR policies on intellectual property.

Through its dedicated expert team, Cornet Vincent Ségurel provides support on the definition and implementation of policies related to the acquisition, management, valorisation and protection of creations, intangible assets and innovations produced by authors, creators, natural persons, companies or public bodies (for example technological innovations, trademarks, copyright, software, salaried creations, databases, designs and patterns, know-how, trade secrets, rights of organisers of sporting or cultural events, results of research and development agreements or research consortia, data in Open data or Open Access, etc.) and, of course, to defend our clients’ intellectual or industrial property rights with intellectual property offices and before the courts.

Cornet Vincent Ségurel also has proven experience in unfair competition, free riding and passing-off litigation.

We also assist our clients in judicial or arbitral proceedings and negotiations on the development, use or adoption of key technologies and those with FRAND access (e.g. TelCo or iOt technologies).

We advise and provide support to our clients on projects related to digital economy, new information and communication technologies, the development or implementation of complex software or information systems, but also, more generally, on management or exploitation of collected personal and other data.

For our clients operating in diverse sectors (authors, publishers, innovative start-ups, industrial companies, research labs, innovation agencies, organisers of sporting or cultural events, public bodies, etc.), we focus on providing expert, pragmatic and entrepreneurial approaches.

Beyond providing responses to our clients’ day-to-day needs, we implement their specific projects and defences, which given their complexity require innovation, tenacity and a comprehensive vision. In order to respond, in particular, to an increasingly global and cross-cutting approach, we consistently work in partnership with other teams from the practice and/or independent research or consulting firms specialised in their respective technical or financial areas. Where necessary, we call on our networks of correspondents, lawyers and technical consultants, in France and abroad (for example, experts in valorisation or innovation management, foreign lawyers specialised in Intellectual Property) or, for example, in relation to the filing or examination of patent applications, on our correspondent patent attorneys (consultants for intellectual property rights [conseils en propriété intellectuelle- CPI).

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Our Cornet Vincent
Ségurel's experts in IP – Technology – Innovation

Jérôme WIEHN

Partner - Nantes


Partner - Lyon

Pauline DUCOIN

Partner - Lyon


Partner - Lille

François HERPE

Partner - Paris


Director - Lille

Guillaume HAUTEM

Attorney - Nantes

Pauline KUBAT

Attorney - Lyon

Capucine HAMON

Attorney - Paris

Constance BEYELER

Attorney - Lille

Charline QUENEZ

Attorney - Lille

Antoine Berdeaux

Attorney - Paris

Marie Rambault

Attorney - Rennes


Attorney - Paris


Legal counsel - Paris

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