Criminal Employment Law

Cornet Vincent Ségurel also has very solid expertise in Criminal Employment Law.

Our team works on all issues relating to Criminal Employment Law, including:

  • Infringements relating to health and safety in working conditions (fatal or severely incapacitating accidents at work, etc.),
  • Offences against personal dignity (harassment, discrimination, etc.),
  • Offence of obstruction,
  • Illegal work (concealed employment, illegal supply of labour, improper subcontracting of labour, irregular employment of foreign labour, etc.).

Cornet Vincent Ségurel offers personalised and tailored support at all stages of criminal proceedings:

  • Prior to any proceedings, by providing its clients with all the necessary advice, based on experience gained through previous cases, in order to optimise risk and liability prevention;
  • In the event of criminal proceedings against the company or one of its employees (in particular the delegatee), by providing immediate support in order to adopt appropriate behaviour according to the proceedings which have been initiated;

    By providing its Clients with specific support:

  • internally, to be in a position to adopt the necessary initial measures;
  • externally, to adopt the initial procedural, technical and legal measures with regard to the various parties involved (Labour Inspectorate, pension and occupational health funds –[caisses d'assurance retraite et de la santé au travail – CARSAT], police or gendarmerie services mandated by the Public Prosecutor's Office);
  • by providing assistance and psychological and technical preparation to natural persons appearing before the Public Prosecutor's Office, the lower criminal court (Tribunal de police) or the criminal court dealing with serious offences (Tribunal correctionnel), as representatives of the legal entity, as delegatees or simply as employees.

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