Our team advises and represents our clients on implementing and monitoring their projects in compliance with the complex rules relating to competition law.

In particular, in connection with:

- Merger and concentration control at both the national and European levels (analysis of thresholds – pre-notification and notification procedure to competition authorities, together with our corporate department) or combinations and abuses of dominant position(procedure at the national or European levels),

- Implementation of commercial relationships raising issues of competition law (research and development agreements – commercial and business alliances – problems linked to situations of economic dependency – advice about practices relating to prices, etc.),

- Restrictive practices : pricing transparency, mandatory annual review and renewal of existing agreements, general terms of sales and purchase, etc.

- Proceedings relating to unfair competition and palming-off,

- Representation of companies involved in investigations and/or searches and seizures by the authorities with jurisdiction : entry into proceedings, discovery and procedural strategy, penalties issues (handled by our public law department).