Cornet Vincent Ségurel can assist in any and all construction transactions whether they involve sales in future state of completion (“vente en l’état futur d’achèvement”), property promotion agreement, construction of individual homes, construction leases, or any other private construction, renovation or repair contracts.

The guide Décideurs “Immobilier & Construction” has classified us in the category of “strong expertise” (“pratique réputée”) in the area of Construction (contracts, construction work and advice) and construction Litigation (including insurance).

We are involved in the negotiation, preparation and analysis of construction contracts, delegated owner contracts, assistance to owners or architects’ agreements.

We also provide representation in connection with disputes and litigation in the area of preventive summary proceedings, summary proceedings appointing a fact-finding expert, impleader proceedings, claims under warranties or liability of parties involved in construction agreements.

We provide assistance in connection with court cases involving termination of construction agreements, disagreements about additional work in connection with a fixed-price contract, delays and penalties relating to performance of the services.