Christian NAUX

  • Public law


  • Public property
  • Environment and energy
  • Local governments
  • Election law

Partner - Nantes

28 Bd de Launay -

44186 Nantes cedex 4

Phone : +33 2 40 44 70 70

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Christian NAUX was called to the Bar in 2000 and joined the firm of Cornet Vincent Ségurel, where he has been a partner in the public law department since 2010.

Christian NAUX practices mostly in public law, but also advises all government bodies and private parties involved in public service (local governments of all kinds, energy producers, Office for Public Housing), on matters of private law involving public entities.

His practice area covers principally government/public property, environmental law and energy.

Christian NAUX assists his clients with negotiations, expertise or litigation, and is able to provide as needed the assistance of technical or financial experts specialising in many areas, from the ten year warranty of a building or contractual warranty, to polluted sites and soil of facilities classified for environmental protection purposes,  including public use for concession-holders.

He also advises his clients about all current documents relevant to the sector, with respect to specific areas like election law, the law relating to the press and communication.