Environment and energy

As a result of being the habitual outside counsel to project managers and manufacturing companies, Cornet Vincent Ségurel has well-developed expertise in the area of environmental law, which is subject to more and more complex regulation, especially in response to pressure from the European Union.

In that field, Cornet Vincent Ségurel frequently advises on the following :

  • Audits and reviews applications for authorisation of environmentally regulated facilities, etc.
  • Represents its clients in property transactions or mergers and acquisition transactions with audits of the facilities,
  • Prepares and negotiates environmental representations and warranties,
  • Handles civil liability and administrative litigation, as well as criminal liability, most often arising in connection with soil pollution and waste management, and the law and regulations relating to environmentally regulated facilities.

The sensitivity of this area also leads us to work with specialised public relations firms and to support our clients in devising and implementing crisis management solutions.