Distribution: our White Papers on promotional games and selective distribution networks in Europe

Published on 03 december 2020

Cornet Vincent Ségurel has just published  two White Papers on strategic legal issues for the distribution sector: the implementation of promotional games and selective distribution networks on a European scale.

The result of a long analysis by law firms in many European countries, these guides provide a comprehensive overview of the legal issues to be addressed in such transactions.

Promotional games

« An Immersion in 19 European countries to discover the different regulations »

Promotional games are acquisition tools at the service of marketing. They promote lead generation, contribute to brand awareness and help build customer loyalty. With the advent of social networks, brands and consumers have come closer together by interacting, often in a playful way, on these platforms. Games are federative and brands have now integrated them into their digital marketing action plans to broaden their audience, acquire prospects and innovate in their marketing approach.

Distribution sélective

« European regulations to be known to structure, protect and implement a selective distribution network »

In 2020, selective distribution networks are developing more and more. Allowing to add value to products and improve margins, this distribution method is currently implemented by many manufacturers in all sectors of activity. However, selective distribution is not always feasible. In addition, when it is, it implies constraints and compliance with certain rules, at the national and European levels, in order to benefit from effective protection against resellers outside the network, in particular marketplaces.

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