Sales of assets or of the distressed company

Cornet Vincent Ségurel acts either in connection with negotiated sale of equity capital of distressed companies or in connection with a court-supervised sale of all or part of the assets of a distressed company.

Negotiated Sale of Equity Capital of Distressed Companies

Cornet Vincent Ségurel has developed specific skills for sales of the equity capital of distressed companies in connection, in particular, with receivership proceedings, conciliation or protection/safeguard reorganisations.

  • Assistance in connection with negotiations
  • Organization and supervision of data rooms, conduct of acquisition audits
  • Preparation of agreements

Court-Supervised Sale of Assets of Companies in Financial Difficulty

Cornet Vincent Ségurel advises bidders in connection with court-supervised sales of distressed companies in a “normal” or “prepackaged” transaction.

Due Diligence and Preparation of the Bid,

  • Assistance in analysis of legal, financial, and employee-relations aspects and availability in data rooms
  • Assistance in connection with structuring of the bid and definition of acquisition strategy
  • Assistance in preparation of business, financing, and cash flow forecasts
  • Preparation of the bid and its amendments containing improvements

Involvement in Proceedings and Hearings

  • Relations with various participants
  • Presentation of bids in court

Finalization of the Sale

  • Preparation of sale documents