Cornet Vincent Ségurel has all the knowledge needed to support clients in their projects involving the installation of a network, production or distribution of energy.

We assist the leading operators in this market (in particular dealers) and independent operators, which has resulted in our encountering a great variety of problems and enabled us to acquire strong expertise in this industry.

We can assist at all stages of your project. Thus, at the conception and design of a project, Cornet Vincent Ségurel can help secure the land necessary for carrying it out, obtain the public service easements and encumbrances (on a negotiated basis or in connection with use of the public domain), as the case may be, and provide advice, in particular with respect to urban zoning and land use planning to enable you to obtain the necessary permits, authorizations and approvals.

At the same time, we provide assistance in defining the most appropriate structure for our clients’ projects. If necessary, we can organise your project company, or assist in connection with acquisition or sale of such companies, as in cases involving transactions involving “portfolio” projects.

Cornet Vincent Ségurel also has strong experience in the area of renewable energy (wind power, solar power, methanization or biomass) with respect to which we can provide support depending on the projects involved, by developers and installers, operators, managers, investors, or financiers.

We have excellent knowledge of the specifics of the law and regulations and the contracts that apply to such projects (construction agreements, maintenance agreements, equipment purchase/procurement agreements, operating agreement, insurance policies, connection agreement, energy purchase agreement, etc.) that we can prepare or review.

We also can conduct audits for you in connection with a transaction, as in connection with obtaining financing.

We can assist in the early stages in preparation of bid tenders/calls for proposals or bids as well as later in connection with any litigation in courts of general jurisdiction as well as specialised ones, like the  Committee to settle disputes and sanctions.

Finally, we can provide assistance with specific tax issues applicable to such projects.

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