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Cornet Vincent Segurel supports the major players in the medias industry by being involved at all levels of the information “production chain”

An industry experiencing structural changes, the area of media and in particular, the press, requires an approach adapted to this new economic context, but also to the products and services involved, which are very specific.

It involves, moreover, an industry in which the impact of new technologies accompanying the emergence of the digital economy require an understanding of the technical tools, so as to be able to appraise and understand situations fully and to provide the best possible solutions.

Cornet Vincent Segurel supports the major players in this industry by being involved at all levels of the information “production chain” and including, but not limited to, creation, editing, publication, distribution, etc.

These major players, French or non-French, have confidence in us, in particular because our teams show anticipation, ingenuity, and creativity in early stages of changes and adaptation and then projection: a real advantage in this industry which is a difficult environment and exposed to rapid changes in the market..

We are also very active in following legislative and regulatory developments in the course of preparation with respect to certain specific subjects (in particular the status of newspaper delivery and sale people).

As a result of a broad practice by our teams, supported by ever greater competence and pro-activeness, Cornet Vincent Ségurel has acted in connection with:

  • concentration transactions in the industry;

- Transactions to acquire properties (magazines, internet sites, TV, radio, etc.) ;

  • support for structures grouping regional and national actors (Publishers, Press Agencies, advertising cooperatives, Advertisers, etc.) ;
  • counsel to a press association;
  • support for creation of a common advertising cooperative agency jointly with several press publishers;
  • representation of our clients against their business partners in their relations involving the purchase of advertising space;
  • the structuring and maintenance of press distribution networks;
  • the defense of the status of newspaper delivery people resulting from the law dated 3 January 1991;
  •  the impact on IPG/non-IPG properties;
  • relations with the CSA (“Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel” – Superior Audiovisual Council) (in particular, approval procedure, procedure for being awarded frequencies).


Our pragmatic approach and our experience in this area allows us to be a real source of proposals in all the situations encountered by our clients, whether they involve optimization of existing functions or implementation of new channels/processes or representing them in connection with conflictual/litigation situations.

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