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Commitments and CSR

We have chosen to make a commitment to improve our impact on society and the environment. Here are our actions and initiatives.

We have set up a CSR project team in charge of deploying actions to improve our societal and environmental impact. This commitment takes the form of practical actions.

Waste recovery and recycling

First of all, we are trying to limit the use of paper by promoting a policy of document dematerialization. In addition, we have initiated a waste sorting and recovery policy at several of our sites, taking into account the configuration and particularities of each office. We are working on the constant improvement of our practices, in conjunction with our partners specialising in these subjects: paper, ink cartridges, food waste, plastic, cardboard, batteries and light bulbs, etc.

Disposable containers

To put an end to the use of plastic bottles, we have decided to install water fountains in all of the firm's offices. All the professionals on our team are also encouraged to limit the use of single-use cups or containers.

Support for associations and foundations

We are partners of several associations, foundations and sports clubs. This approach is structured at the national level and within each office in order to support each year projects in line with the firm's values. The professionals of our team also regularly participate in sporting and other events in support of major causes. The firm's lawyers also provide their legal expertise to certain associations and foundations on a pro bono basis.  Among the associations we support Action Enfance, Apprentis d'Auteuil, Avocoeurs, ASRL, Finance Innovation, Handicap Agir Ensemble...

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