Agribusiness and Cooperatives

Cornet Vincent Ségurel is in a position to support agricultural cooperative and their subsidiaries in their transactions

Agribusiness is the leading industry in France, in terms of turnover and employment. Agricultural cooperatives and their subsidiaries account for 40% of the food production and processing business and cover ¾ of farmers and agricultural workers. This industry is facing numerous challenges: internationalization, innovation, new information and communication technologies, food safety and security, food quality, and the environment, etc. As a result of these challenges, the industry is undergoing significant change and restructuring.

As a result of our multidisciplinary approach and our familiarity with the operation of the various categories of economic players, Cornet Vincent Ségurel is in a position to support them in such transactions.

For example, in connection with the restructuring of an agricultural cooperative group and its industrial subsidiaries, Cornet Vincent Ségurel:

  • Managed the matter together with the legal, financial, and accounting departments, statutory auditors and statutory appraisers, outside auditors , civil law notaries, etc.
  • Conducted legal, tax, and employment law audits,
  • Prepared and presented the concentration file to the Competition Authority,
  • Performed the legal transactions for mergers, partial contribution of assets, acquisitions, exchanges of equity stakes, issuance of convertible debt, etc.
  • Prepared and negotiated various agreements (contracts, agreements, MOUs, representations and warranties, loan agreements, leases, etc.),
  • Provided support in connection with international development,
  • Carried out related formalities: UNRA, INPI, etc.


To perform these tasks, Cornet Vincent Ségurel organises a “project team” of specialised lawyers from the Company Law – Mergers & Acquisitions, Agrarian Law, Bank-Finance Law, Competition-Distribution-Contracts Law, Tax Law, Employment Law, Real Property Law, Public and Administrative Law and Intellectual Property Law Departments. 

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