Land use planning

Land use planning is at the heart of national and local strategies in several areas: transportation, economic development, digital installation, housing, environment, etc.

Legal clarity, however, remains complex given a territorial organization undergoing constant reform (4 decentralization plans and recently the NOTRe Law).

As a result of our multidisciplinary approach and knowledge of the operation of various categories of public bodies, Cornet Vincent Ségurel can provide operational responses to the implementation of a development project in all its aspects.

For example, in connection with development and promotion of a regional economic area, Cornet Vincent Ségurel has acted:

  • To Implement a planning concession and ensure control and availability ofthe land
  • To assist the local government in its role and responsibilities as owner
  • To define and create a public structure ensuring  property management from an array of industrial parties and academics
  • To accompany the installation of a research institute grouping together the players in the area of activity
  • Negotiate the various agreements (leases, research program, financing arrangements, etc.) with the various actors of the area of activity

To manage such an operation, Cornet Vincent Ségurel organises a “project team” of specialised lawyers, coming mostly from the public/administrative law, property law, company law and intellectual property law departments.