Patents and innovative technologies

We assist and represent our clients in litigation involving patents or, more generally, involving technological innovations (patent infringement, patent claims, disputes and litigation involving employee inventions, violation of confidentiality agreements or exploitation of knowledge, fighting against patent trolls, etc.) in France and elsewhere (outside France with the assistance of correspondent attorneys specializing in industrial/intellectual property) in all domestic courts. We cooperate with patent engineering firms (“cabinets d’ingénieurs brevets (CPI)”) for filing and managing patent portfolios or technical assistance in connection with patent litigation.

Cornet Vincent Ségurel also assists its clients in the preparation or review of agreements or contractual drafts, patented or unpatented(e.g., knowledge). For example, research and development agreements, research cooperation, joint ownership of patents, licensing or selling/assigning a patent, granting or obtaining security interests in patents (like a pledge), and, more generally, any and all types of agreements for transfer, management, or exploitation of technologies.  More generally, we advise and provide assistance to our clients in devising and implementing a coherent strategy for protecting their intangible assets, and in particular, their inventions.