Cornet Vincent Ségurel supports the innovative and poetic work of Milène Guermont : MAISON GUERMONT

Published on 05 october 2023

François Herpe, a  partner at Cornet Vincent Ségurel, assisted Milène Guermont with the intellectual property and copyright aspects of the creation of her Art Total piece, MAISON GUERMONT.

"All these houses come to mind: Carlo Mollino, Gio Ponti, Thomas Schütte and so many others. But here what counts is what lies between the spaces: that in-betweenness. It's up to you, the visitor, to get inside", says Chris Dercon, Director of the Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain.

In Paris, in the Nouvelle Athènes district, artist Milène Guermont has created an immersive work: MAISON GUERMONT. It is a continuation of her monumental sculpture PHARES, the source of several new works (the first to be erected on the Place de la Concorde near the obelisk, the first to interact with the Eiffel Tower, etc.).

Milène Guermont continues to explore the juxtaposition between the monumental and the intimate with her new work MAISON GUERMONT. To discover it, book your place at (number of tickets very limited) before the book is launched in December 2023.


In the heart of the cradle of Romanticism in Paris, artist Milène Guermont unveils MAISON GUERMONT, an inhabitable sculpture for which everything has been imagined, right down to the air you breathe.

Everything becomes a work of art: from the parquet floor to the chandeliers, the jam spoon, the light switches, the soaps, the shoes... These sculptures interact with each other thanks to an alphabet of shapes and a trinity of colours: gold, white and BLEU CIEL DE PARIS.

MAISON GUERMONT combines poetry, refinement, sensuality, ingenuity, new technologies, traditional craftsmanship and an environmental approach...


For 4 years Milène Guermont challenged 100 French talents (start-ups, journeymen, the world's best sommelier, Nobel Prize winners and industrialists, etc.).

This collaborative effort gave rise to experimental works.

Cornet Vincent Ségurel is delighted to have supported Milène Guermont during the creation of her ambitious total work of art and to continue its support as part of an original partnership. François Herpe, a partner in the firm, advised her in particular on the intellectual property and copyright aspects of the work.


The sculpture MIROIR SOLEIL heats and illuminates while saving energy. Purified, shimmering water gushes out of ROBINET OBÉLISQUE, while purified air emerges from the wall in an unprecedented way. POIGNÉE MADELEINE brings together a Norman biscuit manufacturer and the historic creator of the espagnolette. Durable high-tech 24-carat gold is used in an original way to draw on Limoges porcelain. A BLEU CIEL DE PARIS satin is specially made by a silk manufacturer in Lyon, then hemstitched using a centuries-old technique in the Vosges, revisited by Milène Guermont. BAR-DOUCHE lets you enjoy a cocktail while taking a bath... under a rain cloud... made of ceramic.

Poetry and humour are born of this total work of art, revealing talents and unique intimate experiences.


This experiential work is accessible until December 2023 in small groups as part of the performances entitled "IMMERSIONS".  Book now at     


The artist Milène Guermont, who is also an engineer, has created a new kind of work with MAISON GUERMONT. It follows in the footsteps of her artistic approach, from her first tactile-sound-luminous Polysensory Concrete wall works to her latest monumental sculpture PHARES, which lights up to the beat of the public's heart on the Place de la Concorde, in a dialogue with the Eiffel Tower.

It's all about pushing back the boundaries, imagining new interactions between art and life.

With MAISON GUERMONT, the artist explores the "home" to get as close as possible to intimacy. 


Initial thoughts and sketches on the total artwork in summer 2018
Unveiling of the façade of the MAISON GUERMONT total artwork, exactly 65 years after the opening of Yves Klein's LE VIDE exhibition on 28 April 2023.
IMMERSIONS, artistic performances lasting 45 minutes inside the work, in small groups on the first Tuesday of every month until Christmas 2023, bookable at
Publication of the book on the work of total art (foreword by Chris Dercon, afterword by Paul Ardenne): December 2023

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