Legal and financial restructurings

Cornet Vincent Ségurel advises companies and businesses, their shareholders, and investment funds in connection with negotiated or court-supervised restructurings leading to debt rescheduling and reduction in the company’s indebtedness

Diagnosis, Devising a Strategy

  • Participation in developing a diagnosis and devising a negotiated or court-supervised restructuring/reorganization strategy

Negotiated Restructuring

Appointment of participants

  • Assistance in connection with creation of the most appropriate restructuring team, taking into account that we have a pragmatic and independent approach to the case
  • Assistance in connection with appointment of, or approach to the various parties involved : receiver, conciliator, credit mediator, and various officials responsible for restructurings

Re-scheduling of liabilities, renegotiation of contracts, employment law

  • Assistance in connection with negotiation arguments and forecasts of business and cash flow
  • Assistance in connection with various negotiations with creditors or partners
  • Preparation and implementation of rescheduling agreements
  • Assistance with all employee relations components in restructurings

Restructuring of equity, sales of assets

Cornet Vincent Ségurel is involved in the conception and formalisation of equity restructuring transactions (capital increases and reductions, etc.).

Our lawyers are also involved in negotiation and formalization of asset sales.

Court-Supervised Restructuring/Reorganization

- Commencement of protection/safeguard reorganization and court-ordered reorganization proceedings,

  • Assistance in connection with preparing petitions for commencing a protection/safeguard reorganisation proceeding or filing for insolvency

- Assistance at all stages of the proceeding, in particular in connection with verification and challenges to liability claims

- Preparation of protection/safeguard reorganization or court-ordered reorganization plans

  • Assistance in preparing protection/safeguard reorganization and court-ordered reorganization plans, formalization of proposals for creditors
  • Assistance in connection with preparation of documents and financial statements
  • Assistance in connection with implementation and follow-up of creditors’ committees