Rural land use planning

Land use in rural areas cannot be limited to neighboring relationships of two plots, with problems relating to encumbrances, easements, property lines, etc., (which does not mean that they are unimportant).

Land use of rural areas should epsecially be seen from the point of view of agrarian experts, like the legal techniques for rationalizing the space and its use, since it is divided into plots and widely spread.

Article L 121-1 of the Agrarian Code defines the aim of improving the conditions for the organisation of rural agriculture and forest properies, ensuring the development of natural rural areas, and contributing to the planning of rural land use  for communal or intercommunal areas.

It specifys the various approaches, as follows:

  • Planning and development of agricultural land and forests
  • Exchanges and sales on a negotiated basis of rural property
  • Development of uncultivated land and regulation and protection of wooded areas

Essentially it involves transactions redistributing plots of land that presumably are unimproved, depending on the basis of their use. They are complex and require some form of expert guidance.

The part played by the committees on land use planning and the agency for land use planning and rural development, in this respect, is essential. Therefore, we advise land owners and/or users in connection with development transactions.

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