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Cornet Vincent Ségurel advises Euralis Semences on its merger with Caussade Semences Group

Published on 02 july 2020


Corporate Law – M&A – Private Equity

Euralis Semences announced the signing of a merger agreement with Caussade Semences Group on 19 June 2020.

Discussions on this strategic operation had already begun in July 2019. They have resulted in Euralis Semences acquiring a majority stake (80%) in Caussade Semences Group under the terms of an agreement which will take effect from 1st September 2020. The French, Romanian, Russian and Ukrainian competition authorities, which were notified of the merger, have given a positive opinion on the operation.

The new entity will position itself as a key European seeds player. The group will become one of the top 10 global field seeds companies, with leading positions in certain crops, behind big names such as Monsanto, Corteva and Syngenta.

The new entity will have a total turnover of more than 350 million euros and will have 2,000 employees, 45,000 hectares and 8 production centers in France, Romania, Ukraine, Spain and soon in Russia, as well as 17 research stations in Europe. It will offer a wide multi-species offer: corn, sunflower, rapeseed, straw cereals, fodder cereals, soybean, sorghum, pulses, etc.

This merger will enable the new entity to maintain a critical mass, accelerate its development in new territories, particularly in Eastern Europe, and invest in research and development, investments that already amount to 31 million euros per year for both entities.


Legal Advisors:

Cornet Vincent Ségurel, legal advisor to Euralis Semences

  • Operation management and Corporate Law: Adrien Debré, partner, assisted by Clara Tournès and François Paulze d’Ivoy, attorneys.
  • Employment Law: Hélène de Saint-Germain, partner, assisted by Magali Bussac, director.
  • Tax Structuring: Alfred Lortat-Jacob, partner
  • Competition Law: Jocelyn Goubet

Lamartine Conseil, legal advisor to Caussade Semences

  • Corporate Law: Fabien Mauvais, partner, assisted by Philippe Barouch and Clémentine Kervran, attorneys
  • Competition Law: Benoît Philippe, partner


Financial Advisors:

  • Natixis advisor to Euralis Semences: Georges Chabenne, Arnaud Leseul, Antoine Cledera, Géraldine Eber
  • Capital Mind advisor to Caussade Group: Michel Degryck, Thibault Laroche-Joubert, Valentin Desdoits, Florian Galizia


Due diligence: legal, fiscal and social

  • Cornet Vincent Segurel advisor to Euralis Semences: Adrien Debré, Clara Tournès, David Pilorge, Aurélie Vucher-Bondet, Cécile Rouquette-Térouanne, Agathe de Chazal, Lucile Quentel, Magali Bussac, Antoine Faucher
  • Mazars Société d’Avocats advisor to Euralis Semences: Clémence Grandchamp des Raux
  • Lamartine Conseil advisor to Caussade Group: Fabien Mauvais, Philippe Barouch, Clémentine Kervran, Benoît Philippe, Emilie Renaud, Alexandre Vercruysse, Myriam Hourcan, Charlotte Moreau
  • Chatelain Cantoni Avocats advisor to Caussade Group: Pierre Chatelain


Due diligence : finance

  • Mazars Financial Advisory Services advisor to Euralis Semences: David Couturier, Baptiste Faye, Stanislas Chikli, David Dhouahria
  • Eight Advisory advisor Caussade Semences: Katia Wagner, Florent Garnier, Martin Leveau, Augustin de Chatillon, Melissa Settouf

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