Agricultural operations

Agricultural operations can take various forms: operation on an individual basis or operation through a company. It can also be the subject of groupings.

Transitioning from individual operation,  to operation by an agricultural enterprise with a better structure from a legal, economic and accounting point of view is increasingly common.

The operator, therefore, must choose the most appropriate approach, especially at the time they begin operations.

They will first have to join the regional scheme for agricultural operations that will determine the legal conditions for performing audits and verifications of the agricultural structures to which they will be subject. Cornet Vincent Ségurel can provide support in this analysis as well as with respect to applications for the required governmental authorizations.

This support also involves choosing the operating structure (business company, civil law agricultural partnership, joint agricultural operating grouping etc.,) with all its implications in terms of contributions or availability, particularly in the case of a rural lease.

We also act in connection with disputes and litigation, either in administrative courts in cases involving challenging the denial of an authorization, or in civil courts in the event of a dispute among partners in an operating structure and/or withdrawal of a partner.

Cornet Vincent Ségurel also provides support to operators in their relations with suppliers, in their relationship with the agricultural cooperative to which they belong, in the relationship with their integrator, or in connection with production contracts with processors.

We also act in connection with any and all transactions involving transmission of agricultural enterprises in the area of agricultural succession with issues relating to preferential allocations and deferred compensation claims.

Finally, our teams provide support for operations experiencing financial difficulties, when they become involved in an insolvency proceeding: conciliation proceeding, protection and safeguard/reorganization proceeding (“sauvegarde”), or bankruptcy reorganization, with development of a reorganization plan (continuation or sale of the operation).