Agribusiness and Cooperatives

Agribusiness is the leading industry in France, in terms of turnover and employment. Agricultural cooperatives and their subsidiaries account for 40% of the food production and processing business and cover ¾ of farmers and agricultural workers. This industry is facing numerous challenges: internationalization, innovation, new information and communication technologies, food safety and security, food quality, and the environment, etc. As a result of these challenges, the industry is undergoing significant change and restructuring.

As a result of our multidisciplinary approach and our familiarity with the operation of the various categories of economic players, Cornet Vincent Ségurel is in a position to support them in such transactions.

For example, in connection with the restructuring of an agricultural cooperative group and its industrial subsidiaries, Cornet Vincent Ségurel:

  • Managed the matter together with the legal, financial, and accounting departments, statutory auditors and statutory appraisers, outside auditors , civil law notaries, etc.
  • Conducted legal, tax, and employment law audits,
  • Prepared and presented the concentration file to the Competition Authority,
  • Performed the legal transactions for mergers, partial contribution of assets, acquisitions, exchanges of equity stakes, issuance of convertible debt, etc.
  • Prepared and negotiated various agreements (contracts, agreements, MOUs, representations and warranties, loan agreements, leases, etc.),
  • Provided support in connection with international development,
  • Carried out related formalities: UNRA, INPI, etc.

To perform these tasks, Cornet Vincent Ségurel organises a “project team” of specialised lawyers from the Company Law – Mergers & Acquisitions, Agrarian Law, Bank-Finance Law, Competition-Distribution-Contracts Law, Tax Law, Employment Law, Real Property Law, Public and Administrative Law and Intellectual Property Law Departments.