Local governments

Cornet Vincent Ségurel public assists, advises, and represents both local governments and public institutions (administrative, industrial and commercial or health care) with respect to all of their legal matters.

Cornet Vincent Segurel is involved in all key actions and events in the life of local governments and public institutions relating (among other things) :

  •  to their organisation (meetings of decisional bodies, rights of elected officials, referenda and local democracy, allocation of powers and responsibilities to various bodies and agencies, etc.),
  • to the creation of various local public institutions (public authority for interurban cooperation, associations of local governments, etc.),
  • and to the consequences involved with them (transfers or secondment of personnel and loans of property).

Our team also provides support to our clients for all problems of public finance and accounting (audit of financial authorities, local taxation, state-owned utilities, unauthorised handling of public funds, etc.)

We provide representation in all cases where liability is sought against government agencies and authorities (injuries from public works, administrative or hospital liability, disputes and litigation involving general and special police powers etc.), but also against elected officials or their staff.