Leases property management

Cornet Vincent Ségurel is a recognised player in the area of leasing and is referenced in Decideurs :

The guide Decideurs “Real Property & Construction” has classified us in the category of “highly recommended” (“forte notoriété”).

We are involved in the negotiation and preparation of all lease agreements (commercial leases, short-term leases, short-term occupancy agreements, civil leases) on behalf of landlords or tenants. We also assist in the negotiation and preparation of management and marketing engagements as well as assignments of leasehold rights.

We provide ongoing assistance in pre-litigation situations or litigation and disputes relating to termination of leases, eviction, establishing revised or renewed rent, fixing eviction indemnities, renovation work, and in general, any dispute involving a  property lease.

Depending on the type of issue, its importance and complexity, we can mobilise a dedicated team to handle any transaction. This team is directed by a partner who will be the client's principal contact. It may include lawyers having different abilities in other areas to assist with all aspects of the matter.