Labour/Management relations and workplace environment

Proper management of labour/management relations can be a real asset for management:


  • Conduct of elections for employee/staff representatives
  • - Works’ Council,

    - Employee/staff delegates,

    - Single employee representative,

    - Adoption and creation of an Occupational Safety and Health Committee

    - Management of process of selecting of union representatives;

  • Support in relations with employee representation bodies (periodic and sporadic meetings, management of relations with experts, assistance in preparing and negotiating draft agreements, etc.);
  • Monitoring, follow-up and support in required negotiations , workplace risks , non-discrimination between men and women, etc.;
  • Adoption and implementation of employee savings and investment plans (investment, profit sharing, etc.), disability, retirement, rulings by labor and social insurance bodies;
  • Support in preparation and follow-up of workplace safety measures: single document for prevention of psychosocial risks, etc.
  • Negotiation and implementation of preventive measures, voluntary departure plans, measures for support or plans to protect employment/reduction in force plans;
  • Work time (organization over the year, changes, fixed compensation, etc.).