Internal reorganizations, acquisitions, and outsourcing

We work together with lawyers in the Mergers and Acquisitions, Tax Law, Insolvency Law, Public/Administrative Law Departments to provide support to our clients in connection with changes and developments of companies (acquisitions, restructurings, outsourcing, etc.), to anticipate employee relations risks arising in connection with this type of complex transaction and, in particular, personnel transfers:
  • Survey of the employee relations situation of the parties involved,
  • Analysis early in the process of the employee relations consequences of the proposed transaction, to discern and define it in the most secure fashion through a multidisciplinary approach,
  • Development of an employment law timetable for the proposed transaction,
  • Preparation of draft documents for consulting employee representation bodies,
  • Monitoring and follow-up of implementation of the transaction and its impact from an employee relations point of view (employee savings and investment plans, collective labor agreements, disability plans, etc.) and individual point of view (amendments, etc.)