Intellectual property, IT (Information Technology) and Innovation

Cornet Vincent Ségurel assists its clients, providing both advisory and litigation services, with respect to all problems arising in connection with literary and artistic property, copyright, and industrial property (patents, trademarks, designs and models, etc.), internet, digital environments or ecosystems, new computer/digital and communications technologies, and, more generally, innovation and creation.

Thanks to a dedicated expert team, Cornet Vincent Ségurel is involved in devising and implementing strategies for acquisition, management, exploitation, and protection of the intangible assets of inventors and creators, individuals, companies, or public entities (for example, technological innovations, trademarks, copyright, software programs, data bases, designs and models, know-how, rights of organizers of sporting or cultural events, etc.) and, of course, defending the intellectual or industrial property rights of our clients vis-à-vis offices of intellectual property, or in court.

Cornet Vincent Ségurel also has recognized experience in litigation involving unfair competition.

We advise and assist our clients in connection with their projects relating to the digital economy, information and communication technologies, development or installation of software or complex information systems, but also, more generally, on management and exploitation of collected data, whether or not personal.

For our clients that are active in varied sectors (authors, publishers, innovative start-ups, industrial companies, research laboratories, innovation agencies, sporting or cultural event organizers, public bodies, etc.), we give preference to expert and entrepreneurial approaches.

Above and beyond responses to the current needs of our clients, we implement their projects or provide specific defensive measures, the complexity of which requires broad innovation, determination, and vision.  To respond, in particular, to an increasingly broad and global approach, we work on a permanent basis in a partnering relationship with other teams of the Firm and/or independent consulting firms specializing in their technical or financial areas.  When necessary, we rely on correspondent counsel or technical advisors in France and elsewhere (for example, experts in exploiting or managing innovation, foreign lawyers specializing in Intellectual Property) or, for example, for filing and pursuing patent applications, on patent engineers that our correspondents (CPI – intellectual property advisors).

Our practice involves the following areas :