Intellectual property, copyright, and media

Cornet Vincent Ségurel assists its clients, providing advisory as well as litigation support, with respect to all problems relating to artistic, literary property and to copyright issues and rights that are akin to copyright (for example, data bases or performing artists) in varied sectors, but in particular, in the audiovisual and cinematographic industries, media, fashion, advertising and publishing.

We advise and assist our clients with all of their agreements relating to works and creations (as, for example, publishing agreements, copyright sale or licensing, audiovisual production agreements, agreements for ordering works, etc.), or on complex projects involving, in whole or in part, the creation, exploitation or use of intellectual property (for example, in the case of movie or audiovisual productions, management of major sporting and cultural events, or the art market).

We assist and represent our clients in any and all disputes and litigation relating to intellectual property rights (infringement, seizures of infringing products, etc.), in France and elsewhere (with the assistance, outside France, of correspondent attorneys specializing in intellectual property), in all national courts.  We also represent our clients in related disputes and litigation, or situations linked to problems of protecting intangible property.For example, complex litigation relating to acts of unfair competition and passing off, relating to the practice of ambush marketing of major sporting or cultural events, or those arising from violation of confidentiality agreements or protection of knowledge.