Digital economy and new technologies

Cornet Vincent Ségurel supports its clients in all their projects relating to the digital economy (e-commerce or services online, computer and information services and computer/information networks, software in particular) or new technologies.

With respect to internet sites and webpages and in addition to preparing specific agreements (such as an access agreement or hosting agreement), Cornet Vincent Ségurel conducts legal audits of the sites, clarifies the risk of liability resulting from installation of a site online, or represents clients in cases involving unfair competition, palming-off, or even hacking.

With respect to e-commerce, like m-commerce, we review the processes, structure of the sites, and compliance with various laws and regulations applicable to consumer protection law, as the case may be. Together with clients, we prepare the necessary agreements, whether they involve providing services, or making sales (agreements for using the site, standard terms and conditions of sale, partnering agreements, commission agreements, agreements for sale of advertising space, purchase/procurement agreements or services with your suppliers or service providers).

Through our Intellectual Property Department, we also provide assistance in the management of domain name issues, and we can assist with creation and implementation of electronic filing and archiving services, electronic payments, or electronic signature services, and, with respect to such subjects, provide permanent monitoring.

Cornet Vincent Ségurel can also provide assistance with treatment of personal data. For a project already under way, we begin with a complete audit of the situation and will make specific recommendations. For a project in the process of being developed, we will provide assistance in defining the project in light of legal requirements and constraints in the area. In both cases, we will handle the filing requirements on your behalf and will assist you vis-à-vis the appropriate governmental authorities. In addition, we are in a position to undertake sensitivity training for employees on such subjects, which are becoming increasingly important, through training sessions or preparation of technical notes.

In this area, we prepare or revise, as the case may be, all your agreements, i.e., service agreements and software development agreements, use licenses, contracts for the sale of equipment or software programs, or maintenance agreements.

In general, we are clearly in a position to handle all your intellectual property issues (protection of source codes, patents, etc.) and to assist you in the transfer of technologies.

Furthermore, Cornet Vincent Séguerel, can advise with designing or submitting to a public computer contract, or in connection with new technologies.

In addition, upon conception or design of the project, we can assist in the choice of the most appropriate company for the situation in light of the shareholders (start-up, group subsidiary, joint-venture) and in the definition of financial and tax flows.

Throughout the course of a client’s business, we re-examine the relevance and appropriateness of the solutions initially chosen and accompany your development. We also deal with the very varied tax issues that you may encounter.

We assist companies in their search for funding or implementation of financings, exactly like private or institutional entrepreneurs and investors in connection with fund raising and until they sell their equity stakes.

Finally, in the area of employment law, Cornet Vincent Ségurel can provide assistance to understand the consequences of immersion in new tools and new practices so as to understand better the potential consequences and define for you, your customers or your employees the best usages with the limits of applicable law.