Commercial litigation and arbitration

A distinguishing feature of our commercial practice, and a major asset of Cornet Vincent Ségurel, is that we combine litigation with advise, which are interdependent and support each other. Thus, Cornet Vincent Ségurel stands out as a transaction law firm with a strong litigation culture.

We deal with all kinds of litigation on a daily basis for our clients.

Our handling of litigation always aims at achieving a concrete objective decided jointly with the client and after an unsparing review of the strengths and weaknesses of its case.

Throughout the pre-litigation phase, we work closely and transparently with our client to maximise the chances of success by permanently improving the legal and factual arguments and meticulously collecting evidence.

Our interdisciplinary approach enables us to offer across-the-board and effective treatment of complex litigation.

A number of Cornet Vincent Ségurel lawyers have a thorough understanding of financial data and techniques enabling them to handle expert fact-finding procedures in a relevant and effective manner.

In addition, we are able on very short notice to call on professionals with whom we have developed close links over the years: experts, court bailiffs, private detectives, digital information gathering and e-reputation firms, public relations agencies, etc.

Furthermore, our experience, our ability to listen and negotiate, like our sensitivity to confidentiality attached to exchanges between and among lawyers, enable us to create the proper conditions for reaching negotiated and pragmatic solutions when our clients so desire, in particular through mediation and conciliation.

We have significant expertise in arbitration, both institutional (ICC, AFA) and ad hoc.

Our strong regional presence, through our various offices enables us to have daily experience in and excellent knowledge of the courts.

We work both in French and English and are able to work in Spanish and German.

As an active member of networks of law firms both EC and worldwide, Cornet Vincent Ségurel relies on its foreign partnering relationships to conduct international litigation.

The Commercial Litigation Department is thus in a position to act in the following areas : 

  • Evidence-gathering investigation by court-appointed bailiffs and emergency proceedings,
  • Obtaining of protective measures,
  • Court-appointed or negotiated expert fact-finding,
  • Mediation, conciliation, settlement negotiations,
  • Litigation in the courts and arbitration panels,
  • White collar crimes,
  • International litigation,
  • Exequatur/enforcement of decisions in France in France or abroad